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    JIT Software
    • 1250+ connections sent
    • 110+ relevant leads received
    • 60+ meetings with potential partners
    • 4000+ connections sent
    • 90+ relevant leads received
    • 50+ meetings with Key Decision Makers
    Blockchain Life Dubai
    • 1400+ connections sent
    • 250+ relevant leads received
    • 90+ meetings with Key Decision Makers
    • 1600+ connections sent
    • 70+ relevant leads received
    • 40+ meetings with local leaders

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    Nick is the co-founder of Leadzly, the founder of fintech startup Him and his team has helped over 70 B2B business owners just like you get more then 17 000 leads on LinkedIn and generate a $64 million pipeline.

    While working with promising B2B companies is great, he’s passionate about helping companies go from «nobody» to «somebody» online so they can book sales calls with prospects looking forward to doing business with them.

    Nick is a mature B2B entrepreneur and lives in sunny Cyprus where he enjoys surfing when he isn’t busy helping business owners!

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